2018,  16.11 — Konstantin Khabenskiy and Alexander Tsypkin invite for their «The Best» program first in London on November, 30th, 2018

2018, 08.11 — Konstantin Khabenskiy’s meeting with fans in Melbourne after ‘Sobibor’ screening

2018, 02.05 — Special report of the Channel One Russia from «Sobibor» movie premiere in Washington, D.C. on May, 1st, 2018

2018, 27.04 — Konstantin Khabenskiy at the «Evening Urgant» TV Show on Channel One Russia

2018, 26.04 — Konstantin Khabenskiy press-conference dedicated to «Sobibor» release

2018, 25.04 — Konstantin Khabenskiy at Synergy Insight Forum

2018, 23.04 — Konstantin Khabenskiy at «Pozner» TV Show

2018, 22.04 — Exclusive interview of Yuri Bashmet and Konstantin Khabenskiy for the State Kremlin Palace press-service


2018, 08.03 — Konstantin Khabenskiy about the the Presidential Elections in Russia on March,18th,2018

2018, 06.02 — Konstantin Khabenskiy about GULAG Museum

2018, 09.02 — Konstantin Khabenskiy about «The Double Bass» Performance

2017, December

Konstantin Khabenskiy starring in «Walking» short meter

«Trotsky» TV Series World Premiere at MIPCOM in Cannes.

Konstantin Khabenskiy’s invitation for Silk Music Fest gigs with Yuri Bashmet and «The Soloists of Moscow»

The «Sobibor» 2018 forthcoming release official teaser

«The Selfie»  2018 forthcoming release official trailer

«Trotsky» TV-Series 2017  forthcoming release International trailer

«The Selfie» filming report

«Trotsky» TV-Series teaser

«The Age of Pioneers» official Trailer

«A Small Stage of the Big Life» Festival started in Nizhny Novgorod

Konstantin Khabenskiy and Alexander TsypkinThe Women of Unbending Age

Konstantin Khabenskiy’s interview about charity


Konstantin Khabenskiy in the «Evening Urgant» TV-Show on Channel One, Russia

Russian trailer of «The Story of Our Universe» («Puteshestvie vremeni»)  dubbed by Konstantin Khabenskiy (release on 30th of March, 2017)

The Report about the fourthcoming Festival in Nizhny Novgorod and the new performance of Khabenskiy’s children studio «The Nogov’s Ark»

Konstantin Khabenskiy about the forthcoming Festival in Nizhny Novgorod on March, 2017

The trailer of best parts of Konstantin Khabenskiy in cinema is available on Youtube official channel for forthcoming 45th Anniversary of the actor. From the part of Igor Plakhov in the «Lethal Force» TV Series to 2017 «Selfie» release…

The First Channel show «The Voice» for Khabenskiy’s Fund

«The Age of Pioneers», (release of 2017), official teaser

Greetings of Konstantin Khabenskiy from «The Legend of Escape» shooting (2016)

«The Legend of Escape»(2017) official trailer

«Well, Forgive me!» short meter directed by Renata Litvinova

«The Good Boy» official trailer (movie premiere on November,10,2016)

«The Collector» official trailer (2016)

«Prokofiev: on the Way» (2016), official trailer

«The Method» TV-Series (2015) trailer

The Geographer Drank His Globe Away (2013)

The Admiral (2008)