«Urfin Djus and his Wooden Soldiers» toon will be released in Russia on April, 20th, 2017 . Konstantin Khabenskiy dubbed the main character — Urfin Djus.

«Urfin Djus and his wooden soldiers» is the first full meter animated movie of the «Melnitsa» production Studio created via 3D animation technology. The fairy tale toon is based upon the story by Alexander Volkov adored by many generations of Russian-speaking children from 1930-s of the Soviet period till nowadays.

The movie is directed by Vladimir Toropchin, Fyodor Dmitriev, Darina Schmidt and produced by Sergey Selyanov, Anton Zlatopolskiy and Alexander Boyarskiy.

Another Russian stars — Sergey Shnurov (a famous rock-musician, the leader of «Leningrad» rock-band) and Dmitri Dyuzhev (a stage and cinema actor) dubbed the parts of another villain characters — the Wooden Army General and a Bear Brattler.


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