According to cinema experts statistics  Top-5 bestselling Russian movies of the 21st century  include a historical  drama  «The Admiral» (2008, Konstantin Khabenskiy starring as Kolchak, the 4th point of the list, more than $38 100 000) and a comedy  «The Irony of Fate-2» (2007, Konstantin Khabenskiy starring as Kostya Lukashin, the 2nd point of the list, more than $55 500 000). In both of them Elizaveta Boyarskaya starring in the main female parts. The 5th point of the list is for «Yolki-3»(more than $38 000 000 but $100 000 less than «The Admiral») in which you can hear Khabenskiy’s voice — Konstantin is not starring but dubbing the bestselling New Year comedy.

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