Tonight,  on October, 17th from  18:30 till 19:45 at Grand Auditorium, Palais 1 (doors open at 18:00)  at MIPCOM in Cannes Channel One and Sreda Production Company present   Worldwide Premiere of «Trotsky« TV-Series starring Konstantin Khabenskiy.

"Trotsky" TV Series International poster by Sreda Production company and Channel One
«Trotsky» TV Series International poster by Sreda Production company and Channel One

«Trotsky» TV-Series starring Konstantin Khabenskiy in the main part of Leon Trotsky will be presented by the CEO of «Channel One» Konstantin Ernst and CEO of Sreda Production Company Alexander Tsekalo — two guru of TV-production in Russia. Konstantin Khabenskiy will  attend to MIPCOM and present the movie on the stage together with Olga Sutulova. «Trotsky» is announced as one of the most bright TV-premieres of the season in Russia dedicated to 100-year Anniversary of the 1917  Revolution.

One of the most contradictory characters in the history of Russia, the real Prophet of the October Revolution Trotsky is exposed in the biopic through lifestory told by himself to a Canadian journalist opposed to a communist ideology. In his memories Trotsky comes back to the major events of his life, unfolding not only personal details and feelings, but having the birth of a new state called USSR at the background. Trotsky’s life full of dramatic events and adventures, waves of blood initiated by Trotsky’s decisions and sacrifices of anything of any worthiness to the interests of Revolution get the audience into a dramatic biopic of 8 series illustrating three different periods of Trotsky’s life — from 1898 till 1940.

Directed by Alexander Kott and Konstantin Statskiy «Trotsky» TV Series unite really outstanding cast starring Konstantin Khabenskiy as Trotsky, Evgeniy Stychkin as Lenin, Michail Porechenkov as Parvus, Olga Sutulova as Sedova, the second wife of Trotsky and others. Khabenskiy will make  the presentation of the project as well as Olga Sutulova  at the Premiere.

The International trailer of «Trotsky» TV-series is available on Youtube.

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