Konstantin Khabenskiy has finished filming in «The Selfie» thriller directed by Nickolay Homeriki that will be released on automn, 2017. The movie based upon the book by Sergey Minaev tells the story of a writer Bogdanov and his counterpart starting living his life instead of him.

«The part of Bogdanov is an interesting actor task for me,- says Konstantin Khabenskiy. —  Two men in one  — it drives a bit crazy but makes the character  really interesting. Bogdanov does not realise  is  he split minded or his counterpart is a reality. Who is the protagonist- he or his counterpart? The both are not saints,  maybe confused and trying to get out the cobweb they’d made themselves. But they have different possibilities at startup and different ways of resolving the problem.

When Sergey Minaev provided me with his book, I was not looking forward to anything special but suddenly got a powerful psychological thriller based upon a profound crisis of a creative man. Bogdanov pretends that he is sick and  tired of being a «star», but in fact he is tired of his own. He maintains his image of «celebrity» , but realizes that he had written over, drowned in self-repeating and self-copying.

The counterpart takes off Bogdanov’s job, his fame, his wife, his mistress, his daughter… but in fact helps him to get rid of illusions and to look fixedly at his own personality. Selfie is the way to show everybody the improved version of yourself. Then you get to the mirror and oversee the reality of yours. I hope the «The Selfie» movie will be about the unpleasant but necessary rendez-vous with yourself.»



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