«The Collector» movie  and «The Method» TV Series  starring Konstantin Khabenskiy are nominated for «The Golden Eagle» Award that will take place on January, 27th, 2017. The Award of the National Academy of picture arts and science of Russia will be given for the 15th time at the First building of Mosfilm Cinema Concern. «The Collector» movie directed by Alexey Krasovskiy (Konstantin Khabenskiy starring in the main and the only part as Arthur)   is nominated for the best movie and best script Award and «The Method» TV Series (Konstantin Khabenskiy starring in the main  part as Rodion Meglin) for the best TV Series more than 10 episodes Award and the best male part Award. The members of Academy made their choice among the Russian movies released from November,1st, 2015 till October, 31st, 2016.

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