«The Age of Pioneers» («Time First») was presented for press in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Kazan. The movie starring Evgeniy Mironov and Konstantin Khabenskiy  will be released on April, 6th, 2017 and will support the chatity action  #TimeofEarthHeroes donating for Konstantin Khabenskiy’s Charity Foundation,   Timur Bekmambetov’s Charity Foundation «Sunflower» and Evgeniy Mironov’s Foundation «The Artist».  The movie is directed by Dmitriy Kiselyov and produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Evgeniy Mironov.

Konstantin Khabenskiy about his Charity Foundation and the movie:

«People always need help —  a targeted assistance for some children or rehabilitation assistance or suppot for some medical centers or support for the members of the family of a sick child.  If they have the reliable information about the Foundation activities they trust the Foundation.  The Foundation can’t afford to hide in the shadow, you can’t be modest in Charity activities.  I try not to emphasize my own activities to show the work of the whole team but of course I also take part in it.   The movie is not the epic story and not passage in time when the heroes existed and the great country existed as well. The Age of Pioneers is the time of the people ready to risk and to go forward. It’s the time of ours as well.»

To donate the wards of three foundations you may send an SMS with the word «Hero» for 5303 short number on the territory of Russia. 100 rubles will be transferred from your account. A part of profits from the movie itself will be send to the foundations. A special trailer of three charity foundations will be demonstrated before every movie show at the theatres.

The movie premiere was widely reported by the Russia mass-media.

«Время первых» дало старт акции #Времяземныхгероев

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