«To Live in the North» (2016) — a theatrical performance of the Novosibirsk children studio founded by  Konstantin Khabenskiy. «A Life for Life» is the motto of the charity project.
All the profits from the performance are transferred to the Charity Fund of Konstantin Khabenskiy for the children with oncologic deseases and brain tumour.

«To Live in the North» consists of 2 acts different by style and genre. The action is focused on thoughts and reactions and the way of existence of the main characters and not on the sets and stage effects.

The first act of the performance is a kaleidoscope of stories based on the Evenks tales, a musical performance about a fantasy, natural life, naive and charming aside the civilization. The life full of natural values for people without smartphones, Internet and modern zones of comfort. To remember a child inside themselves and to look at the world by children eyes — that ‘s the aim of the performance  to involve the grown up audience. Konstantin Khabenskiy is the only representative of the grown ups in the performance is put out  of his usual theatrical character.

The second act named «Verbatim 12+» involves the audience into a documentary theater-lab. The teenagers speak from stage about their secret, precious and important pieces of life, short splashes on «my strongest emotion». The chidren speak about the things the grown ups forget to speak, the full of light sincerity of the modern generation that is called «the lost one», the values forgotten in the chase for prosperity and business self-realisation are put on stage. The youngest of the actors is 14 years old.

The performance directed by Natalia Reznik was created by the young actors of the Novosibirsk studio of creative development founded by Konstantin Khabenskiy and the tutors of the studio:  an  actress of the «Krasniy Fakel» («Red Torch») Theater Ekaterina Zhirova (the author of idea and plastical direction of the first act),  Tatiana Klassina (speech tutor), Alexander Sorokin (choreographer).  The soundtrack of the performance is based on the songs of Natalia Nelubova (Tomsk).

The performance was acknowledged the best children performance of the year 2016  by Novosibirsk theater audience club.

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