«The Nogov Ark» («The Arc of Legs» — a wordplay, ‘Noga means «leg» in Russia — the word is consonant with «Noah») — a new performance produced by the children studio of creative development of Konstantin Khabenskiy from Nizhny Novgorod. More than 200 of children and teenagers are studying in Operenie studio in Nizhny Novgorod. The studio is not aiming to prepare professional actor for theater college or Moscow Art Theater or cinema. The aim is to unlock the creative potential and to develope it.

The performances of children studio are not always based on classical works and sounding with words. The performance  «The Nogov Ark» was born during the studies of plastical improvisation.

For the first time «The Nogov Ark» was performed at the Festival of Arts in Chelyabinsk. Konstantin Khabenskiy highly appreciated the idea and the performance was sent for finalizing.

The main zest of «The Nogov Ark» are legs. The main theme of the performance is the creature of the world and the story of Noah.   At first the idea was to choose the children of the same heigth for the better visual line but then it was deciced that children of different  age and height will take part in the performance. Danila Bushmakin of 12 years old  is starring in the main part. The boy was dreaming of becoming an actrobat but later started studying in Khabenskiy’s studio. The height of Danila and plastic skills let him to compress himself into a ball and suddently to appear among the legs of other actors.

The first of the performance is planned for the 3rd of March, 2017 at the Festival «The Small Stage of the Big Life».