Ha-Ha-Chu Performance Theatrical poster
Ha-Ha-Chu Performance Theatrical poster

“Ha-Ha-Chu” is a  performance put on stage  by a creative studio of Konstantin Khabenskiy in Ufa and presented in 2015, “an ironical fairy tale” produced in a “verbatim genre” in which the real sincere speeches and monologues of children are multi-pronounced from the stage by the actors.  The performance is created at the junction of two theatrical trends —  post-drama trend and a documentary theater and had been devised in the first instance as a psychological training of teenagers to escape inferiority complex imposed by the aggressive world of grown-ups. The performance does not have any director, the tutors of the studio had corrected and adapted theatrical production methods to the frank children’s monologues.

«This performance is kind of brain gap, — says Konstantin Khabenskiy. – I observe the acting of children, the way of their professional work at the venue. They are not professional actors but the level of their being honest and existence on the stage and backstage, the level of their energy charge and their faith to their action goes off-scale and exceeds the level of some  professional artists”.

The performance was presented at the Festival “Operenie-2015” in Saint-Petersburg. It was shown for the wide audience at the First children Festival “Marshak” in Voronezh on November, 2015. Konstantin Khabenskiy will participate in  the performance during the Festival “A Small Stage for  the Big Life” in Nizhny Novgorod on March, 2016.

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