Konstantin Khabenskiy is one of the most popular and famous theater and cinema actors not only in Russia but among all Russian-speaking audience of CIS, USA, Canada, Germany, Israel and all Russian-speaking communities all over the world. For 23 years of his stage activities the actor performed plenty of different parts on the best stages of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg theatres.


Don’t Leave Your Planet (2016) with Yuri Bashmet and «The Soloists of Moscow» Chamber Orchestra, directed by Victor Kramer,  The Sovremennik Theater

«The Double Bass» (2014), directed by Gleb Cherepanov, The Moscow Art Theater

Konstantin Khabenskiy graduated from the Leningrad State Institute for Theatre, Music and Cinema in 1996 (student  of V. Filshtinsky).

In 1995-1996 was acting in Experimental theater «Crossroad».

In 1996 Konstantin acted on the stage  of famous  Moscow theater «Satiricon» («The Threepenny Opera», «Cyrano de Bergerac»). Than Khabenskiy returned to Saint-Petersburg and entered  Lensoviet Theater troupe. Konstantin played main parts in Yuri Butusov‘s stage productions: «Waiting for Godot» by Samuel Beckett (Estragon), «Woyzeck» by Georg Buchner (Carl), «Caligula» by Albert Camus (title part of Caligula).

In 2003 Khabenskiy entered the troupe of legendary Moscow Art Theater named after A.Chekhov. Khabenskiy played a number of parts in main  stage productions of Moscow Art Theater repertoire: Zilov («Duck Hunt» by A.Vampilov), Alexey Turbin («The White Guard» by M. Bulgakov directed by S. Zhenovach), Claudius («Hamlet» by W.Shakespear directed by Youri Butusov, 2005), Mack the Knife («The Threepenny Opera» by Bertolt Brecht directed by K.Serebrennikov, 2009), Double-bass player («The Double Bass» by Patrick Suskind directed by G.Cherepanov, 2014).

Side-projects in which Khabenskiy played main parts: Trigorin («The Seagull» by A.Chekhov directed by K.Bogomolov, 2011, Theater of Oleg Tabakov), main part in «Don’t leave your planet» based upon Antoine de Saint-Exupery novel «The Little Prince», production  directed by V.Kramer, 2016).
Collaborating with famous violonist and conductor Yuri Bashmet  and Moscow Soloists chamber orchestra  Konstantin created literature and musical program based upon «Caligula» play by Albert Camus and «Death and the Maiden» quartet by  Franz Schubert and Gustav Mahler.

Khabenskiy acts as a reader of  poetry in «Eugene Onegin» — production by Yuri Bashmet based upon novel by Alexander Pushkin and opera by Pyotr Chaikovskiy.