Sobibor Theatrical poster
Sobibor Theatrical poster

«Sobibor» directed by Konstantin Khabenskiy World Premiere will take place on April, 23rd in Warsaw. In Russia the movie will be released on May, 3rd, 2018 by KaroProkat company in almost 2000 cinema theaters. The director’s debut of Konstantin Khabenskiy shot and produced by Cinema Production company and FetisOFF IllusiOn and supported by Alexander Pechersky Foundation  is one of the most promising movies of the year 2018. «Sobibor» will be distributed in Europe and the USA by All Media company.

«This year we celebrate the 75th Anniversary  of Sobibor rebelion. It a unique and a very astounding story about the uniting of people from different countries battling against the evil despite many of them had perished in this battle. It’s an International story. Due to this fact plenty of European countries had bought distribution rights for the movie» — says Elmira Aynulova, the producer of the movie.

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