"Sobibor" directed by Konstantin Khabenskiy
«Sobibor» directed by Konstantin Khabenskiy

On May, 1st, 2018 «Sobibor» movie directed by Konstantin Khabenskiy was premiered at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Washington, D.C. by the director himself. The special screening was attended by the representatives of the U.S. Department of State, diplomatic missions including the Embassy of the State of Israel to the USA,  different social organizations, veterans of World War II, representatives of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Ambassador of Russia to the United States Anatoly Antonov and former Ambassador of the United States to the  Russian Federation  John Beyerle were speeking to the audience.  The screening of «Sobibor» was also attended to by Thomas K. Yazdgerdi,  Special Envoy  for Holocaust Issues in the European and Eurasian Bureau at the Department of State.

The premiere screening was organized with support of Susan Carmel Lehrman, the founder of Carmel Institute of Russian Culture&History. An exhibition with copies of historical photos and archive documents was held before  the screening.

Started on April, 23rd, 2018  by «Sobibor» Premiere in Warsaw Konstantin Khabenskiy‘s promo-tour of the movie will end on May, 9th in Berlin. Khabenskiy hopes «for the long life of «Sobibor» on cinema screens worldwide»:

«You can understand a human life history in any language. You have nothing to explain:  you watch the movie and feel compassion or you are just eating popcorn at the theater. I hope that our story is the first one. We’ve checked it out on different language speaking people.  The movie is focused on the people who can feel  compassion.  It’s very important to keep these traits in our time. If we don’t tell honestly to each other and to  the next generation about the World War II, how it was awful, painful  and unbearable in some time, not we but our children will film movies about another war.» 

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