«Sobibor» is an International cinema project starring Konstantin Khabenskiy in the main part of  Alexander Pecherskiy, the Soviet officer of Jewish origine had been taken captive and emprisoned to Sobibor concentration camp during World War II. «Sobibor» directed by Andrey Malukov has been successfully presented at Marche du Film of the 70th Festival de Cannes.

The production team has demonstrated few scenes from the movie that were highly appraised by the participants of the Festival and especially by representatives of the movie industry. The thrilling plot, the actors’ performance, and the dynamic shooting style deeply effected the audience. The actors and cinematographers from Russia, Lithuania, France, Germany and Poland took part in the filming of «Sobibor» that had been shot in 5 languages: Russian, Polish, German, Dutch and Yiddish.

After the demonstration the producers of the movie got the proposals for the bargains of movies’ buyers from different countries for «Sobibor» release worldwide. In Russia «Sobibor» will be released on May, 2018.


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