2018, 02.05 — Sputnik International — Russian War Drama about Nazi Extermination Camp Uprising Premieres in Washington

2018, 22.04 — Exclusive interview of Yuri Bashmet and Konstantin Khabenskiy for the State Kremlin Palace press-service



«You’ve succeeded so help to survive to your neighbour»

«You have nothing to do with the length of you life, but sure you can seriously influence its’ depth and width»

«I know some people, whose soul is a real Universe, but nobody need them»


«I had some icons in profession, they seemed to me unmeasurbely interesting. Than I had to find out that the icons are not real, that there were only stage or cinema images, getting into dust or bursting alike a soap bubble. But to thia very day there are some people I think of with great respect either  to their human and to their professional features. In spite of the fact tha t I’m acquainted with them personally and had been working with some of them».

«Everyone has his own truth but to my mind … dig up, making fantasies and surprise everybody  — that’s right in good meaning of these words»

“I don’t have any habit to get into another person’s wallet…but sometimes I really admire the sums some actors calculate their job.”

"The Collector" theatrical poster
«The Collector» theatrical poster

Konstantin Khabenskiy about “The Collector” Movie:
“It’s really the great pleasure for me to win the award for the best male character at Kinotavr cinema festival for the third time. It was difficult to work on this movie. It’s a mono-movie, I’ve never been shot in arthouse movies before. Besides my character is an unordinary person, venturous and overstepping the lines in his work. But Arthur reminds the others that they must be responsible for their words and acts. Let the audience to decide whether Arthur is bad or good character.”

"The Age of Pioneers" (release of 2017)
Konstantin Khabenski in «The Age of Pioneers» (release of 2017), shot from the movie by Bazelevs

From Konstantin Khabenskiy’s interview for Russian bestselling TV-week tabloid:

TV Week: — When you have been filmed in «The Age of Pioneers» telling the story of spacemen, «Admiral»«Pyotr Leschenko» — all pictures shot upon the real  stories and characters, was it interesting for you how that had happened in reality?   

 Konstantin Khabenskiy: Sure.  But for me more important is what is happening to the character not to his historical prototype, what is forming or destroying his character, his soul’s flight.  It’s the essence of our work  — to show his inner space and not profession or the streetcar he was taking  or the apartment he lived in. And if the audience understands that this picture is about them so it happens not because they walk to their office along the same street, ride the same streetcars or get the same plains… It happens because in their inner space they have the same process — they have the same questions and doubts, the same joy, the same actions.  Was the story taking place yesterday or 500 years ago — it does not matter.   The changes speed of life is really important.  We have gadgets, which «simplify» our living, we get letters and SMS in seconds.  Though 500 years ago the messages were delivered in weeks and pigeons were acting parts of smartphones. The tempo and the gadgets are changed — that’s the difference.