On November, 6th, 2016 Konstantin Khabenskiy will take part in an unordinary stage performance at the Great Hall of the Moscow conservatory. Konstantin will act a part of a reader of the musical fairy tale by Sergei Prokofiev “Peter and the Wolf” performed by the Russian Youth Orchestra (Musical Director is Yuri Bashmet). The TV version of the gig you may watch on TV Culture channel. The Fairy tale was composed by Prokofiev 81 years ago especially to get acquainted the young with the instruments of symphony orchestra.

The text of the fairy tale had been read by many famous artists – Nickolay Litvinov, Peter Ustinov, Ben Kingsley and even Sharon Stone, Sophia Loren as well as politicians Mikhail Gorbachev and Bill Klinton.

The concert at Moscow concervatory is a part of the woldwide tour of the Orchestra: starting in Saint-Petesburg the tour will be continued at the best european concert halls: The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, The Milan conservatory, The Musikverein Wien.

The concert is a result of long lasting artistic cooperation of Konstantin Khabenskiy and Yuri Bashmet — they had created «Don’t Leave Your Planet» performance.

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