The voice of Konstantin Khabenskiy  in ‘Babyriki’ dubbing is distributed worldwide!

Warner Music Russia and the Riki Group of Companies announced the beginning of wide cooperation in  music distribution and promotion. The companies signed licensing agreements under which Warner Music Russia received an exclusive license for the music of the animated series ‘Kikoriki’ and ‘Babyriki’ for digital distribution and worldwide promotion.

‘Kikoriki’ and ‘Babyriki’ will become the first Russian animated children’s brands in the Warner Music Russia catalog. Songs and music from the popular Riki Group series will appear on all digital streaming platforms.

The edutainment ‘Babyriki’ was originally created as a musical project. Each episode is accompanied by a tune  about animals, numbers, emotions, hygiene, professions and many other topics important for growing up toddlers. This form of presentation helps the child to easily immerse himself in the topic and learn new concepts. Some of the compositions were dubbed by the People’s Artist of Russia Konstantin Khabenskiy, who acts in the project as a “Daddy-narrator”. Many songs from ‘Babyriki’ have long been hits for young children.

Mark Zavadsky, Managing Director of the Riki Group of Companies (copyright holder of ‘Kikoriki’, ‘Fixies’, ‘Babyriki’ brands, etc.):

‘The partnership with the music giant Warner Music Russia opens up wide distribution opportunities for us, international perspectives in promoting audio content, bright fits with Warner Music artists around the world and other creative collaborations. ‘Babyriki’  have a very active audience — these are young modern parents and kids up to 3 years old. Now we are witnessing an organic TikTok challenge, where parents play the intro song for the series, and children come running to it from all over the apartment. ‘Babyriki’ this year turn six years old, during this time more than 200 original tunes have been released. It’s a lot of work and talent to make a song both useful and entertaining.’

Alexander Blinov, Warner Music Russia CEO:

‘Collaboration with the  Riki Group is a great opportunity to expand our boundaries as a music label and contribute to the development of the information and entertainment sector for the children’s audience. ‘Kikoriki’ and ‘Babyriki’ have become cult products for the most grateful and sincere viewers, and Riki Group of Companies is a recognized leader of the Russian animation market. We admire this team of professionals and its modern approaches to the development, production and marketing of children’s content, we are pleased to be part of projects that are so important for generations Z and Alpha and we have ambitious plans for this cooperation — both local and international.’

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