The Geographer Drank His Globe Away starring Konstantin Khabenskiy  is a Russian drama film made in 2013, directed by Alexander Veledinsky, based on the novel of the same name by Alexei Ivanov. The action of the film, as opposed to the novel, has been transferred from the «dashing nineties» to the present day in a small northern town of Russia. The film participated in the XXIV Open Russian Film Festival «Kinotavr» in Sochi and won the main prize. It was  released in the autumn of 2013.

To call the movie a tragecomedy would be more correct. Full of real human  emotions  the main character a biologist  Victor Sluzhkin is torn between love for his wife, for his little daughter, for his best friend who falls in love with Victor’s wife… Passion, compassion, friendship, sorrow, rage… all natural human feelings   performed by the brilliant  cast made the movie overpopular in Russia.

Shooting of the film took place in years  2011–2012, in Perm, Zakamsk, Lower Kuria district and Usva, Gremyachinsk district. The film shows the river Usva, down which the characters sail, and the Usva rock pillars. Stunts were performed on the Revun rapids of the river Iset in the Sverdlovsk region.The film was shot over two years; there were 34 days of shooting, two expeditions and a planned five-month break.

The music for the film was written by the guitarist of the «Aquarium» group, Alexei Zubarev. In addition, the film features a variety of songs – from classical to chanson.

The movie won a number of awards: the main prize of XXIV Open Russian Film Festival in Sochi, Grand Prix «Golden Duke» of the 4th Odessa International Flm Festival, Mikhael Tariverdiev prize for best film music for Alexis Zubarev, Film distributors jury prize.

Konstantin Khabenskiy won the award as best actor.