Produced by two most famous TV-producers of the Channel One, Russia, Konstantin Ernst and Alexander Tsekalo, directed by Youri Bykov, “The Method” TV-series starring Konstantin Khabenskiy and Paulina Andreeva became the sensation on Russia TV and the real knockout for fans of criminal drama.

Based upon the real criminal stories of serial maniacs with frenetic psycho dislocations the movie became the test of strength  for both actors playing main parts.

Konstantin Khabenskiy’s character —  Rodion Meglin, – the detective with a serious psychological injury  from his childhood (his parents both  killed in front of the child and himself forced to finish off his own Mom), condemned to death for slaughtering his parents’ killer when grown-up, instead of the capital punishment started to collaborate with Russian criminal police to find out the most dangerous maniacs.

Due to his psycho injury Rodion is  practicing his unique method to chase the maniacs as he is one of them. The character of Paulina Andreeva —  Esenya, — survived her Mom’s death and makes her best to find the real killer. Esenya becomes the devoted pupil of Meglin following his method. Falling in love with her teacher becomes for Esenya  the beginning of the end… All 16 episodes of TV-Series  are full of violence and cruel scenes contrasting with deep diving into real passion between Rodion and Esenya.