On July, 21st, 2017  the «Hermitage. Immersion in History with Konstantin Khabenskiy» VR-movie starring Konstantin Khabenskiy as «a mystical guide» was demonstrated for the first time at the State Hermitage  Museum, Saint-Petersburg.  The State Hermitage Museum known worldwide and the second largest in the world at the moment is possible to be visited in Virtual Reality. You will not be alone in museum halls — the Empress Catherine the Great (who started the collection), the Emperor Nicholas I of Russia ant the «mystical character»of Konstantin Khabenskiy will be your guides.  Mikhail Piotrovsky, the director of the Museum is starring as himself. The movie is directed by Mikhail Antykov. No one museum in the world never created such a project  — the crew had been  working over the script for a year. The Palace Square, the roof of the Winter Palace and many corners of the building which are unavailable for a visitor in reality are available in visual reality with Konstantin Khabenskiy. The movie is available with English subtitles.