The filming of drama biopic TV Series «Trotsky» by «Sreda Production Company» started in Mexico on January, 2017. «Trotsky» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy in the main part as Leon Trotsky will consist of 8 series and are planned to be aired on «Channel One Russia».

…On March, 1940 at a suburb of Mexico a squad of Mexican communists disguised in policemen attack the house place of the former Soviet leader of the Great October Revolution of 1917, but Trotsky and his wife survive by chance.

For 11 years of exile Leon Trotsky had lost all his friends and relatives and realises that his political enemy Stalin would pursuit him till his death. You may run away but it’s impossible to hide from Stalin’s agents. And Trotsky stays calm to give the very last fight, planning to leave his political Last Will and Testament, for the first time sincerely telling the story of a poor Jewish young man having become the Prophet of a new World and having destroyed the enormous Russian Empire.

For writing down his memories Trotsky invites his ideological opponent — a Canadian journalist sympathizing Stalin to convert him into Trotsky’s political confession to convert the whole mainkind in it.

«Trotsky» TV series are the story of a person having changed the world forever and having paid for that the most expensive price.

Konstantin Khabenskiy, Olga Sutulova, Alexandra Mareeva, Maxim Matveev, Evgeniy Stychkin, Mikhail Porechenkov are starring in «Trotsky» TV series.

For Konstantin Khabenskiy it’s not for the first time to cooperate with «Sreda Production Compagny» — the awesome «Method» TV Series and Khabenskiy starring as Rodion Meglin were released by Sreda Production Company in 2015 and aired by «Channel One Russia». «The Method» became one of the most thrilling TV series of the season and the character of Rodion Meglin created by Khabenskiy on screen — really outstanding.

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