Konstantin Khabenskiy will be starring in “The Selfie” thriller based upon Sergey Minaev story directed by Nickolay Homeriki (“The Icebreaker”). The plot of the movie is about a famous writer and TV-star Vladimir Bogdanov suddenly changed by his absolute double. The double is managing  Bogdanov’s life better than the original does and only the daughter of the character wants to reestablish status quo. Konstantin KhabenskiyFyodor Bondarchuk, Julia Khlynina, Anna Mikhalkova and  Severia Janushauskayte are starring in the movie. The picture is produced by Pyotr Anurov, Fyodor Bondarchuk and Dmitriy Rudovskiy, filming will take place till December, 2016  and the movie  will be released on autumn, 2017.

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