Konstantin Khabenskiy’s Charity Foundation was founded by the actor in 2008. Foundation’s activity consists of organizing crowdfunding and medical help for children with oncological and another hard diseases of brain. Main courses of the Fund activities are: help in organization of medical examination and treatment of children, buying medicines, organizing of rehabilitation programs, help for profile medical institutes, training of doctors and information work with parents, focused on the improvement of the early diagnostics of brain disease. The Khabenskiy’s Fund mission is to save children in time. 96% of all children central nervous system neoplasms are brain tumors and take the second place in children oncology after leucosis. Every year almost 1200 children in Russia are diagnosed brain tumor. It’s hard to treat the disease during the first year of treatment so the amount of patients is increasing every year.

Konstantin Khabenskiy’s interview about charity (2017, February)

Konstantin Khabenskiy visits the hospitals himself  because he realizes that such meetings are really important for children and the fests that the Fund organizes —  as well. For example — a beauty day for suffering Moms or a sunny performance for children inside the hospital walls. The Moms’ eyes stay in Khabenskiy’s memory for ever…