2017, January

According to research made by one of the most popular cinema reference WEB-sites kinopoisk.ru (translation = cinemasearch.ru) and the search engine system Yandex.ru Konstantin Khabenskiy and Oksana Akinshina were acknowledged the most popular actors of the 21st century in Russia.

2016, December

According to Russian Public Opinion Research Center Konstantin Khabenskiy had been acknowledged one of Top-5 Russian most popular actors of the year side by side Danila Kozlovsky, Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Mashkov and Evgeny Mironov. Konstantin Khabenskiy, Danila Kozlovsky and Sergey Bezrukov were also acknowledged Top-3 Russian celebrities mentioned in mass-media most frequently. The rating had been counted by amount of posts in Web and press basing on research of the most popular screen, music, sport stars of Russia.