«Trotsky» TV-Series went on air on Channel One Russia with great success

Aleksandr Tsekalo Alexander Kott Best parts of Konstantin Khabenskiy Channel One Russia Drama Khabenskiy 2017 Konstantin Ernst Konstantin Khabenskiy Konstantin Statskiy MIPCOM-2017 Movie Premiere Release-2017 Trotsky TV Series


«Trotsky» TV-series starring Konstantin Khabenskiy were presented on air on Channel One Russia from November, 6th, 2017 till November, 9th, 2017 with enormous success. Widely discussed by mass-media and by Khabenskiy’s fans and amateurs of Khabenskiy’s performing style «Trotsky» TV-Series will be acknowledged one of the most bright Russian  TV-projects of the year 2017.

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