The Juvenile Sea (2016)


«The Juvenile Sea» performance directed by Alexander Novikov by Voronezh Studio of creative development of Konstantin Khabenskiy was presented at the VI Studios Festival Operenie in 2016. The performance is based on the novel by the famous Russian writer Andrey Platonov.

«A special approach is required for such literature, — says the founder and the creative director of the Operenie Studios Konstantin Khabenskiy. «The special key to open it in the stage space is needed to be found. It seems to me that the energy, the eyes and the naivety of our studio young actors is the correct way of impersonation of this material».

«The Juvenile Sea»  will open the new «Theatre+» event at the PlatonovFestThe International Art Festival dedicated to Andrey Platonov’s works on June, 7th, 2017 at Voronezh Concert Hall.

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Ювенильное море (2016)