Konstantin Khabenskiy will dub the main festival release by Capella Film «The Voyage of Time»

Konstantin Khabenskiy will dub the main festival release by Capella Film «The Voyage of Time» directed by Terrence Malick. The movie was presented at the Venice Film Festival. Cate Blanchett is dubbing the original version in English but in Russia the tradition is to dub documentaries by male voice, one of the most recognisable and popular […]

Konstantin Khabenskiy had been acknowledged one of Top-5 Russian actors of the year

According to Russian Public Opinion Research Center Konstantin Khabenskiy had been  acknowledged one of Top-5 Russian most popular actors of the year side by side  Danila Kozlovsky, Sergey Bezrukov, Vladimir Mashkov and Evgeny Mironov. Konstantin Khabenskiy, Danila Kozlovsky and Sergey Bezrukov were also acknowledged Top-3 Russian  celebrities mentioned in mass-media most frequently. The rating had been counted by amount of […]

«The Selfie» movie filming is over, waiting for release in 2017

Konstantin Khabenskiy has finished filming in «The Selfie» thriller directed by Nickolay Homeriki that will be released on automn, 2017. The movie based upon the book by Sergey Minaev tells the story of a writer Bogdanov and his counterpart starting living his life instead of him. «The part of Bogdanov is an interesting actor task for me,- says […]

«The Voice» Show for the Charity Foundation of Konstantin Khabenskiy

On December, 23rd, 2016 on air of the First Channel, Russia — half-final of «TheVoice» TV Show defining the final line-up of the project. All profits from the First channel and other partners od the show will be transferred to the Charity Foundation of Konstantin Khabenskiy to save children’s lives.  More details on the First Channel […]

«Well, Forgive me!» directed by Renata Litvinova available on Youtube

A short meter «Well, Forgive me!» shot by Renata Litvinova for a charity auction, starring Konstantin Khabenskiy, Renata Litvinova and her daughter Ulyana is available on Youtube. The character of Khabenskiy is quarelling with his girlfriend, throwing out her ring and leaving the coffee shop. The character of Ulyana joins Khabenskiy’s character at the table, and […]

«The Age of Pioneers» official trailer is available on Khabenskiy’s Official Youtube Channel

«The Age of Pioneers» movie trailer  by Bazelevs Studio is available on Konstantin Khabenskiy’s Official channel on Youtube. The movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov  will  be released on April, 12th, 2-17 — on the Cosmonauts’ Day in Russia.

«The Method» TV series second season will be shot in 2017

According to the information of Sreda Production Company, the second season of «The Method» TV series filming will be started on spring, 2017. All the fans of TV series are waiting for the news whether Konstantin Khabenskiy will  be starring in the part of Rodion Meglin or not.

«Love you, Daddy» charity theater performance succeeded in Chelyabinsk

«Love you, Daddy» charity theater performance by Konstantin Khabenskiy’s children  studio collected in Chelyabinsk 800 000 roubles. Always overcrowded pereformances of Khabenskiy’s children studios on Chelyabinsk studios show the interest  for young actors. Khabenskiy is respected for his creative work and the help he and his charity Foundation for ill children.