Events on February and March, 2017

The listing of events of Konstantin Khabenskiy on February and March, 2017 is available in new EVENTS section of the site. «Don’ t Leave Your Planet», «The Double Bass» and «To Live in the North» — all performances in one listing. Enjoy the wonderful acting of Konstantin Khabenskiy in different cities of Russia!

Top-5 Bestselling Russian Movies of the 21st Century: two of them starring Konstantin Khabenskiy

According to cinema experts statistics  Top-5 bestselling Russian movies of the 21st century  include a historical  drama  «The Admiral» (2008, Konstantin Khabenskiy starring as Kolchak, the 4th point of the list, more than $38 100 000) and a comedy  «The Irony of Fate-2» (2007, Konstantin Khabenskiy starring as Kostya Lukashin, the 2nd point of the list, more than […]

«The Collector» movie and «The Method» TV Series starring Khabenskiy nominated for «The Golden Eagle» Award

«The Collector» movie  and «The Method» TV Series  starring Konstantin Khabenskiy are nominated for «The Golden Eagle» Award that will take place on January, 27th, 2017. The Award of the National Academy of picture arts and science of Russia will be given for the 15th time at the First building of Mosfilm Cinema Concern. «The Collector» movie directed by […]

«Don’t Leave Your Planet» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy at The Anniversary X Winter International Art Festival in Sochi

The Anniversary X Winter International Art Festival headed by Yuri Bashmet  will take place from 17th till 26th of February, 2017 in Sochi. The audience will attend to the  best performances and concerts for the last 10 years of Festival and world premieres  at different venues. Yuri Bashmet, Arturo Sandoval, Olli Mustonen, Massimo Quarta,  Denis […]

«The Collector» Movie starring Konstantin Khabenskiy got a «White Elephant» Award for best director’s debut

«The Collector» Movie starring Konstantin Khabenskiy  got  a prestigious «White Elephant» Award for best director’s debut of Alexey Krasovskiy. «The White Elephant» is a prestigious Russian cinema Award, given every year  by the Guild of Film Critics of Russia. The Award had been founded in 1998  and has two stages of   voting as a result of the first […]

Konstantin Khabenskiy and Oksana Akinshina had been acknowledged to be the most popular actors of the 21st century in Russia

According to research made by one of the most popular cinema reference WEB-sites (translation = and the search engine system  Konstantin Khabenskiy and Oksana Akinshina were acknowledged the most popular actors of the 21st century in Russia.

Konstantin Khabenskiy’s 45th Anniversary reported by mainstream Russian media

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ Konstantin Khabenskiy’s 45th Anniversary was reported by all mainstream media of the  Russian Federation. Congratulations for Konstantin were passed by the  Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the President of Belarus  Alexander Lukashenko. Konstantin celebrated his Anniversary on the stage of Moscow Art Theater acting in «The Double Bass» performance. NTV Report Stars’ […]