Filming of «The Selfie» thriller started in Moscow

Konstantin Khabenskiy will be starring in “The Selfie” thriller based upon Sergey Minaev story directed by Nickolay Homeriki (“The Icebreaker”). The plot of the movie is about a famous writer and TV-star Vladimir Bogdanov suddenly changed by his absolute double. The double is managing  Bogdanov’s life better than the original does and only the daughter […]

Konstantin Khabenskiy’s reading «Peter and the Wolf»

On November, 6th, 2016 Konstantin Khabenskiy will take part in an unordinary stage performance at the Great Hall of the Moscow conservatory. Konstantin will act a part of a reader of the musical fairy tale by Sergei Prokofiev “Peter and the Wolf” performed by the Russian Youth Orchestra (Musical Director is Yuri Bashmet). The TV […]

«The Good Boy» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy will be released on November, 10, 2016

“The Good Boy” – a comedy starring Konstantin Khabenskiy, Mikhail Efremov and Semyon Treskunov will be released on November, 10, 2016. Full of the most important human values like getting grown-up, love and friendship the story directed by Oksana Karas  is sincere and positive. The picture had been shown at first Ural open festival of […]

«The Age of Pioneers» will be released on April, 2017

“The Age of Pioneers” movie starring Evgeniy Mironov and Konstantin Khabenskiy will be released on April, 2017. “Bazelevs production studio” of Timur Bekmambetov  and “The Third Rome” studio have finished shooting  the “disaster movie” about the first spacewalk in an outer space  in the history of mankind. The movie script is based upon the real […]

«The Legend of Escape» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy

Konstantin Khabenskiy is taking part in an extraordinary movie «The Legend of Escape» planned to be released as an International cinema project in 2019.  A dramatic story of the Soviet officer getting not in the camp for prisoners of war but in the concentration camp Sobibor in Poland  during the World War II is directed by Andrey Malukov. […]

«The Collector» movie was released on October, 6th

«The Collector» movie starring Konstantin Khabenskiy was released on October, 6th. The mono-movie became the real sensaion of the season as few  actors may compel the audience attention for 74 munites without partners on screen. The topic of the movie by Alexey Krasovskiy became the real trend in Russia where too many people have problems […]