Konstantin Khabenskiy and Alexander Tsypkin in «NoPrinciples Readings» charity evening on July, 5th

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ On July, 5th at 7 p.m. (Moscow time) at the VDNH Green Theater a Stage on the Water will be opened. Konstantin Khabenskiy and Alexander Tsypkin will perform «NoPrinciples Readings»  at a charity evening. All profits from tickets’ sales will be transferred to the Charity Foundation of Konstantin Khabenskiy to help the […]

Two movies starring Konstantin Khabenskiy became awardees of the «Vivat Cinema of Russia» Festival

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ «Vivat Cinema of Russia» Festival took place in Saint-Petersburg. «The Age of Pioneers» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy and Evgeniy Mironov won the Grand Prix of the Festival. The award was taken by the director of the movie Dmitriy Kiselyov who was glad to «thank the real heroes of the epoque whom we are […]

Konstantin Khabenskiy will give an open lecture in Yerevan for Aurora Prize on May, 28th

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ On May, 28th  Konstantin Khabenskiy will give an open lecture on «Effective role model: how to inspire other people to help the others who definitely need help». The lecture will take place at the Russian-Armenian University in Yerevan included in the  program of collaboration  between Aurora Prize and the Russian-Armenian University. REGISTRATION REQUIRED 28 […]

TV-Series «Pyotr Leshchenko» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy will start on May, 22nd on Channel One Russia

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ TV-Series «Pyotr Leshchenko. All that has gone before» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy in the main part of Pyotr Leshchenko will start  on Channel One Russia on May,22nd, 2017 at  9.30 p.m. (Moscow time). The biopic TV-Series directed by Vladimir Kott tell the story of a legendary  singer life full of adventures. TV-Series «Pyotr […]

Three movies starring Konstantin Khabenskiy presented at Festival de Cannes-2017

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ According to Roskino press-release three movies starring Konstantin Khabenskiy will be presented at 70th Festival de Cannes: «Sobibor» (by All Media Company), «The Selfie» (by All Media Company) and «Urfin Djus and his Wooden Soldiers» (by Wizart as sales-agent) rights for which had been distributed to 20 countries already. The Russian pavilion at Festival  for 10 years […]

«Operenie-2017» Festival of Khabenskiy’s Creative Development Studios will start on June, 23rd in Sochi

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ «Operenie-2017» Festival of Khabenskiy’s Creative Development Studios will take place at Dagomys Center in Sochi from June, 23rd till July, 2nd, 2017. During 9 days of the Festival the participants of Khabenskiy’s Studios will show their stage performances they had reheased for the last year, attend to master-classes of celebrities, take part […]

Yuri Bashmet an Konstantin Khabenskiy will present «The Russian Avant-Garde» at the International Tchaikovsky Festival on June

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ The International Music Festival named after Pyotr Tchaikovsky will take place in Klin, Moscow Area from June 13rd till June 17th, 2017.   On June, 14th at the Grand Venue of the Festival Yuri Bashmet, the State Symphony Orchestra «Novaya Rossiya» an Konstantin Khabenskiy will present a musical&literary performance «The Russian Avant-Garde». The music by Sergei […]

«Sobibor» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy will be released on May, 2018

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ According to the Izvestia Newspaper the military drama «Sobibor» directed by Andrey Malukov starring Konstantin Khabenskiy will be released on May, 2018 dedicated to the 73rd Annivarsary of the Great Victory in the World War II.  Now the movie is in postproduction period and will be released by Cinema Production Company. «Собибор» с […]

The guests of the Hermitage Museum will meet Konstantin Khabenskiy in a VR-movie

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ Konstantin Khabenskiy will be starring in a VR-movie in a part of a mystical guide for the Hermitage State Museum. The Residence of the Russian Emperors and the main museum of Saint-Petersburg will be shown in details in  a VR-movie «The Hermitage VR. Diving into history». Konstantin Khabenskiy’ character will accompany the […]

«Don’t Leave Your Planet» at the Grand Opening of International music Festival of Yuri Basmet in Yaroslavl

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ «Don’t Leave Your Planet» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy will be performed on the 1st of May, 2017 at 6.30 p.m. on the stage of the Theater named after F.Volkov  at the grand opening of the IXth International Music Festival of Yuri Bashmet  in Yaroslavl.  The Festival of supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian […]