Konstantin Khabenskiy presents Henderson New Collection 2017

Konstantin Khabenskiy presents Henderson New Collection — 2017


The Ambassodor of Henderson brand Konstantin Khabenskiy was the first to appreciate the New Henderson  collection of the Year 2017. Henderson brand designers  follow the main trends of the season of color and ornaments, the cloth texture and the fabric quality and underline the functionality and innovativeness of the clothes.   The customers of the  Henderson brand will be surprised by amount of trend novelties differing by traditional quality and elegant design.

The classical business class  suits are the real trouvaille for people seeking for good look in any situation.  A real new fit for slim men — DROP8 appears in the new collection — a refined silhouette had been created due to design of new proportions and changes in jackets’  molds. Many new  models from innovation textures are present in new season collection providing men stylish look and not making them waste a lot of time handling the clothes. The collection for travelling people became the real breakthrough  in the technology of creation of the clothes for travel.  A comfortable  jacket with 9 pockets for documents, tickets, glasses is available. Lightweight shoes with flexible soles and windcheaters shaping into inner pocket complement the collection. HENDERSON — classics always fashionable!

Константин Хабенский представляет новую коллекцию Henderson

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