Konstantin Khabenskiy and Alexander Tsypkin presented «NoPrinciples Readings» in Canada and in the USA

Alexander Tsypkin Khabenskiy 2017 Konstantin Khabenskiy Konstantin Khabenskiy's Performances NoPrinciples Readings Readings


Konstantin Khabenskiy  and Alexander Tsypkin toured in Toronto and Washington with «NoPrinciples Readings». Sold out houses, stormy applause and grateful audience of fans were waiting for them overseas.

Konstantin Khabenskiy: «It seemed to me that the form of interraction with the audience is in demand now because the audience is tired of cutting, light FX, perverting classical literature. The «NoPrinciples Readings» is a plain reading performance, the first historically set form of performance. I hope that the audience in the USA does not differ from the audience in Russia and in Europe. »

Константин Хабенский и Александр Цыпкин представили «БеспринцЫпные чтения» в Канаде и США

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