«You are kids of Sun» — a master-class by Konstantin Khabenskiy for Children Studio in Sochi

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Konstantin Khabenskiy attended to his Children Studio of creative development in Sochi where took an exam from his pupils and conducted a master-class for them. «Fool around more, you are living in a city of Sun, you are kids of Sun»,— the advice of the famous actor for the children after examining actors’ etudes of their performance. Khabenskiy says they must pay more attention to creative suppleness: «After a year of fooling around we come to solving serious problems of their own. These serious problems in children performance make more impression than if professional actors in theater put them».

The participants os Khabenskiy’s Studio in Sochi will be able to show everything they had studied at the «Operenie» Festival on June, 2017 in Dagomys, Sochi.

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