The Lethal Force-3 (2001)

Konstantin Khabenskiy is starring in the main part of Igor Plakhov in “The Lethal Force” (parts 1-6) – Russian criminal TV series based upon stories by Andrey Kiwinov. TV Series were produced and released by The First Channel as a concurrent and a spin-off of the Streets of Broken Lights overpopular TV Series. From year 2000 till 2005 6 seasons (57 series) had been released. The action starts in Saint Petersburg at a police squad in 1999. The main characters – Igor Plakhov (Konstantin Khabenskiy) and Vasiliy Rogov (Andrey Fedortsov) are policemen making every day inquiries of different crimes. Later they make their service in different places like Los Angeles, Chechnya, Cote d’Azur, South Africa making trial of their strength and force to go through all troubles.