Night Watch (2004)

Konstantin Khabenskiy starring in the main part of Anton Gorodetsky  in the Night Watch – one of the most best known Russian blockbusters of the years 2000s. Urban fantasy supernatural thriller film written and directed by Timur Bekmambetov became the real anthem of the epoque in Russia. The movie is loosely based upon the novel The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko (and followed by the sequel —  Day Watch in 2006).

The conflict between the special powers – the Others, representing the forces of the Light and the forces of the Darkness is reflected in the fate of Anton Gorodetsky — the character played by Konstantin Khabenskiy. Gorodetsky having been  leaved by his wife and  fulfilled with love drama,  visits a witch asking for a sorcery. The Others realize him to be one of them, and that will influence not only the fate of Anton but the fate of his son Yegor – the subject of the sorcery…

The movie became  the first large-budget Russian supernatural movie and one of the first blockbusters shot after the collapse of the USSR cinema industry. Produced by The First  TV Channel with a budget of US$4.2 million the Night Watch became the cinema anthem and the actors playing the main parts and Konstantin Khabenskiy as well – the cinema icons of the epoque.