‘Fire’ by Alexey Nuzhny

«Fire» is a heroic story about firefighters and rescuers. What we call a heroic deed is their daily routine, if only one can get used to mortal danger and extreme risk. When it seems to people in trouble that there is nowhere to wait for help, rescuers come to the rescue to stand in the way of the merciless element.

Stage Director — Alexey Nuzhny («I’m Losing Weight», «Loudspeaker»). «Fire» became the first large-scale and technically complex action film for Nuzhny. Director of photography — Mikhail Milashin («T-34», «Ice»). 

Starring Konstantin Khabensky, Andrey Smolyakov, Irina Gorbacheva, Viktor Dobronravov, Ivan Yankovsky, Roman Kurtsyn.