Day Watch (2006)

Day Watch (or Night Watch 2: The Chalk of Fate), is a 2006 Russian dark fantasy action film (sequel for Night Watch) written and directed by Timur Bekmambetov, starring Konstantin Khabenskiy in the main part of Anton Gorodetsky.  Marketed as «the first film of the year», it opened in theatres across Russia on 1 January 2006, the United States on 1 June 2007, and the United Kingdom on 5 October 2007. Based on the second and the third part of Sergey Lukyanenko’s novel The Night Watch  the movie became the cinema anthem of 2006 in Russia and brought to Konstantin Khabenskiy the all over Russia popularity and fame of the real cinema star.

…The conflict of the Light and Dark Others is closely connected with the fate of Anton and his son Yegor. To redeem for his previous mistake, an attempt to use a witch’s service to kill the unborn Yegor (shown in the beginning of the first film), Anton seeks the legendary Chalk of Fate, a magical chalk that could rewrite history, which was once Tamerlane’s property and one of the main reasons for his numerous military successes. The movie is full of graphic FX and action scenes and is considered to be one of the most entertaining blockbusters  in Russian cinematography starring leading Russian actors and pop music stars. A fierce battle between  the Light and Dark Others leads to the complete destroy of the city,  even  the imaginable ruin of the famous Moscow Ferris Wheel. The two Great Others fight for Anton, but nearly kill him in the process. Saved at the last minute, Anton runs through the ruins of Moscow to the house where he, fourteen years before, made his visit to the witch — the visit that caused the entire sequence of events, starting Anton’s own initiation into the Night Watch. Anton writes NO on a wall in this house. Moscow reverts to its normal, undemolished state and the film returns to 1992 and the first scene of Night Watch giving the ring schema to the plot.