Konstantin Khabenskiy took part in a charity performance «Love You, Daddy» in Chelyabinsk

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ Konstantin  Khabenskiy acted in a part of Daddy in a charity performance of Chelyabinsk Khabenskiy’s Sudio of creative development «Love You, Daddy» on the stage of Chelyabinsk Drama theater named after Naum Orlov. The theater was overcrowded   and the performance was highly appraised by the audience and the critics. Константин Хабенский […]

«Don’t Leave Your Planet» at the Grand Opening of International music Festival of Yuri Basmet in Yaroslavl

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ «Don’t Leave Your Planet» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy will be performed on the 1st of May, 2017 at 6.30 p.m. on the stage of the Theater named after F.Volkov  at the grand opening of the IXth International Music Festival of Yuri Bashmet  in Yaroslavl.  The Festival of supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian […]

«Love you, Daddy» charity theater performance succeeded in Chelyabinsk

«Love you, Daddy» charity theater performance by Konstantin Khabenskiy’s children  studio collected in Chelyabinsk 800 000 roubles. Always overcrowded pereformances of Khabenskiy’s children studios on Chelyabinsk studios show the interest  for young actors. Khabenskiy is respected for his creative work and the help he and his charity Foundation for ill children.