Congratulations with Konstantin Khabenskiy name-day!

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ Congratulations with Konstantin Khabenskiy’s name-day! On this joyful day we wish to the actor and director health, happiness, love, harmony of soul, new wonderful parts, director’s works, cinema and theater productions! Let all projects be successful, beloved people  provide joy,  and good luck to all Konstantin’s start-ups! And some time for the […]

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Happy Birthday to Konstantin Khabenskiy!

Today, on January 11th, 2018, Konstantin Khabenskiy celebrates his 46th Birthday. Our congrats for the beloved actor&director!  On this day happy for the millions of Khabenskiy’s fans we wish Konstantin health, love, harmony of soul, director’s talent disclosure, successful theater and cinema first nights and prosperity for all productions and projects! Let Khabenskiy’s  creative activities be […]

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ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ On September, 25th, 2017 Konstantin Khabenskiy’s International Site celebrates its first Birthday! The five continents’ inhabitants  residing in Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania had been  visiting for its first year of existence. Visitors from Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Canada, Ukraine, Brazil, Australia, Austria, Poland, France, […]

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Konstantin Khabenskiy has celebrated the Children Protection Day by training kids with brain diseases

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ Konstantin Khabenskiy has celebrated the Children Protection Day on June, 1st by training kids with brain diseases at Moscow Ostankino Park. Konstantin planned this meeting for half a year and tryed to cheer the kids many of them had won the cancer. Some of kids will take part in the International games […]

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