Konstantin Khabenskiy starring in the Temporary Difficulties

Konstantin Khabenskiy will be starring in «The Temporary Difficulties» movie

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ Konstantin Khabenskiy will be starring in a psycholigical drama «The Temporary Difficulties» directed by Pavel Ruminov. The movie is kind of biopic based upon the story of a real man Arkadiy Tsuker who was born with cerebral palsy. Despite the disappointing medical prognosis of passing all lifetime in a wheelchare and early […]

Konstantin Khabenskiy starring in "The Method" TV-Series

Filming of «The Method» TV-Series second season will start on July, 2017

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ The filming of «The Method» TV Series second season will start on July, 2017. It was announced by producer Aleksandr Tsekalo at the Russian investment Forum.  The first season of «The Method» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy and Paulina Andreeva had been premiered on Channel One Russia in 2015. The fans of Konstantin Khabenskiy […]

Trotsky TV Series starring Konstantin Khabenskiy

Filming of «Trotsky» TV Series starring Konstantin Khabenskiy started in Mexico on January, 2017

The filming of drama biopic TV Series «Trotsky» by «Sreda Production Company» started in Mexico on January, 2017. «Trotsky» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy in the main part as Leon Trotsky will consist of 8 series and are planned to be aired on «Channel One Russia». …On March, 1940 at a suburb of Mexico a squad of […]

"The Selfie" filming

«The Selfie» movie filming is over, waiting for release in 2017

Konstantin Khabenskiy has finished filming in «The Selfie» thriller directed by Nickolay Homeriki that will be released on automn, 2017. The movie based upon the book by Sergey Minaev tells the story of a writer Bogdanov and his counterpart starting living his life instead of him. «The part of Bogdanov is an interesting actor task for me,- says […]

Konstantin Khabenskiy starring in "The Age of Pioneers"

«The Age of Pioneers» official trailer is available on Khabenskiy’s Official Youtube Channel

«The Age of Pioneers» movie trailer  by Bazelevs Studio is available on Konstantin Khabenskiy’s Official channel on Youtube. The movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov  will  be released on April, 12th, 2-17 — on the Cosmonauts’ Day in Russia.

Konstantin Khabenskiy starring in "The Method" TV series

«The Method» TV series second season will be shot in 2017

According to the information of Sreda Production Company, the second season of «The Method» TV series filming will be started on spring, 2017. All the fans of TV series are waiting for the news whether Konstantin Khabenskiy will  be starring in the part of Rodion Meglin or not.

"Well, Forgive me" short meter starring Konstantin Khabenskiy

«Hello!» Tabloid report from «Well, Forgive me!» filming starring Konstantin Khabenskiy

HELLO! Tabloid report from filming of a new short meter directed by Renata Litvinova «Well, Forgive me!» shot for a charity auction   «Action! 2016». Konstantin Khabenskiy is starring in a part of a businessman and Uliana Dobrovskaya in a part of a teen girl meeting the character of Khabenskiy in a bar.  Full report on the […]

The team of "The Selfie" movie

Filming of «The Selfie» thriller started in Moscow

Konstantin Khabenskiy will be starring in “The Selfie” thriller based upon Sergey Minaev story directed by Nickolay Homeriki (“The Icebreaker”). The plot of the movie is about a famous writer and TV-star Vladimir Bogdanov suddenly changed by his absolute double. The double is managing  Bogdanov’s life better than the original does and only the daughter […]