The «Collector» movie starring Konstantin Khabenskiy first will take place on August, 3rd in Prague

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ The «Collector» movie directed by Aleksey Krasovskiy starring Konstantin Khabenskiy will open «Prague Independent Film Festival» on August, 3rd, 2017 at Komorní kino Evald in Prague. The «Collector» will be shown in Russian  but English-subtitled. The Prague Independent Film Festival will take place from August,  3rd till August, 7th, 2017 in Prague. […]

Two movies starring Konstantin Khabenskiy became awardees of the «Vivat Cinema of Russia» Festival

ЧИТАТЬ НА РУССКОМ «Vivat Cinema of Russia» Festival took place in Saint-Petersburg. «The Age of Pioneers» starring Konstantin Khabenskiy and Evgeniy Mironov won the Grand Prix of the Festival. The award was taken by the director of the movie Dmitriy Kiselyov who was glad to «thank the real heroes of the epoque whom we are […]

«The Collector» movie and «The Method» TV Series starring Khabenskiy nominated for «The Golden Eagle» Award

«The Collector» movie  and «The Method» TV Series  starring Konstantin Khabenskiy are nominated for «The Golden Eagle» Award that will take place on January, 27th, 2017. The Award of the National Academy of picture arts and science of Russia will be given for the 15th time at the First building of Mosfilm Cinema Concern. «The Collector» movie directed by […]

«The Collector» Movie starring Konstantin Khabenskiy got a «White Elephant» Award for best director’s debut

«The Collector» Movie starring Konstantin Khabenskiy  got  a prestigious «White Elephant» Award for best director’s debut of Alexey Krasovskiy. «The White Elephant» is a prestigious Russian cinema Award, given every year  by the Guild of Film Critics of Russia. The Award had been founded in 1998  and has two stages of   voting as a result of the first […]

«The Collector» movie got special award of 24th Festival of Russian Cinema in Honfleur, France

«The Collector» movie starring Konstantin Khabenskiy directed by Alexey Krasovskiy got the special award of the Regional Counsil of Normandy  of 24th Festival of Russian Cinema in Honfleur, France. The President of Jury is a writer and director Frédéric Beigbeder who has really good knowledge of Russian culture and cinema, being one of the most published in […]

«The Collector» movie was released on October, 6th

«The Collector» movie starring Konstantin Khabenskiy was released on October, 6th. The mono-movie became the real sensaion of the season as few  actors may compel the audience attention for 74 munites without partners on screen. The topic of the movie by Alexey Krasovskiy became the real trend in Russia where too many people have problems […] WDSSPR announced future releases

Celebrating its first 10 years’ in Russia Anniversary WDSSPR announces future releases. Among them two movies starring Konstantin Khabenskiy: “Collector” directed  by Alexey Krasovskiy and “Good boy” directed by Oxana Karas winning main «Kinotavr» festival prize in 2016. Konstantin Khabenskiy won the prize for best actor for «Collector» movie.

«The Collector» movie was presented in Moscow for press

«The Collector» — one of the most intruguing Russian movies of the year 2016 was presented for mass-media  in Moscow on September,15th, 2016. Starring Konstantin Khabenskiy and directed by Alexey Krasovskiy, the movie will be released on October, 6th by WDSSPR.